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mere_christian's Journal

Mere Christianity
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This community is set up for ALL christians. The good ones, the bad ones, the lost ones and the found ones. Its also for people who are genuinely inquiring about Christianity, and have the common sense not to be offensive for the sake of creating a drama!

Catholic, Orthodox, Baptist, Lutheran, Amish, Anglican, ....it doesn't matter here, just the spirit of love is needed.

The inspiration for us all here should be 1 Corinthians 1:10.

Its a place for people who need to express themselves honestly, openly and without fear of rebuke for not being 'orthodox enough' or for being 'too orthodox'. Regardless of what tradition you come from the message of this community is: "Be Nice, Listen to others, Have a sense of humour".

No matter what you think or fear, this community is for people to share the wonders of the Christian faith. To enrich others with their own stories, to offer advice where it appears needed and in sum to fully endorse the call of Christ to love all, love everyone, to love in spite of faults, to love beyond apparent ability, to love beyond all else.

Our members have listed the following as Inspirational Figures:

Joan of Arc, JRR Tolkien, Oscar Romero, Teilhard de Chardin, Georges Bernanos, H. U. von Balthasar, Teresa of Lisieux, Michael Ramsey, Martin Luther King Jr,Mother Theresa, Padre Pio, Francis, Pope John XXIII, CS Lewis, Thomas Merton, Father Joe, Blessed Solanus Casey, Thomas a Beckett, Mahatma Gandhi, Dorothy Day, Thomas More,Catherine of Sienna, Julian of Norwich, Teresa of Avila, St Augustine, Brother Juniper..... Let our champions be men and women of gentle persuasion and courage, people who's lives speak of love and tenderness and humour.

Let us see beyond denomination and see ourselves as God sees us - Face to Face and fully known, devoid of pretence and fear....

...as Mere Christians.

Nothing is off-bounds but we ask that you simply act out of a desire to learn and to inform and in a manner of harmony and trust. There are plenty of places on Livejournal to shout and offend and berate. This is not one of them. Aggressive chat will just be removed immediately, its uncalled for and its boring. This is a place to share the wonder of our Faith.

United in Christ.